I utilized high resolution photographs of each type of bourbon Angel's Envy produces to create these four pieces. Photoshop was highly utilized to create this specialty layered print. Labels, cork topper, and wing ornament were all set up for printing first surface on acrylic. The bottle, liquid, and back large scale wings were printed second surface. I had to create cut paths for each individual bottle that was used to CNC route out the bottles shapes.

A wall mural that was created using copper vinyl, PVC, and copper metal. I was assigned to separate the pieces, edit them as needed for production, and prepping all files for different print set ups and for CNC router cutting.

This is a wall in the corporate offices for Angel's Envy. Art files were sent over that I prepped for production on our CNC router and plotter. Created from vinyl, PVC, and a real bourbon barrel head with their logo angel wings burned into the wood.

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